Monday, March 25, 2013

A First for My Baby Girl

Yes, she is almost 3 and a half, but my baby girl just had her first hair cut.  We went to see Grandma S for the big day.  She was rather excited to have her "endings cut" as she called it.  Her beautiful long, red hair with curly "endings" is still mostly all there thankfully (I was a little worried the curls at the bottom would go away).  Now it is just a little bit smoother at the bottom.  I think mommy could let her hair grow forever.  But it could use a little bit more volume.  It is fine and soft as silk and rather thin, but who can complain when it is so pretty? 

Miss Firecracker had a trim too.  She just wishes her hair would grow long.  Her beautiful curls seem to keep it pretty short.  We cut a little bob in the back this time to help even out her curls.  They seem to be kind of flat in the back on the top so we thought it might lay a little better this way.  Now we'll just leave it alone and hope it will grow, grow, grow!
Grandma let her sit under the hair dryer when she was done


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