Friday, March 1, 2013

Running a Little Behind

So, the last post I did was on Disney, which happened Dec. 12-16 and it is now the last day in February.  I think I better catch up with things or it might get out of control.  Prepare yourself for a long one.

Next on the agenda after Disney was Christmas, of course. It was the usual running around to all the functions and family get-togethers.  I totally failed at any kind of advent activity this year with the first weeks in December being completely out of whack.  I will have to make up for that next year.  Heck, I didn't even get out our Little People Nativity set this year.  Hopefully my kids still got plenty of the Baby Jesus message through books we read and things like that because I totally dropped the ball.  December also brought muzzle loader season for Daddy and another deer.  It was his first time hunting with a muzzle loader and he enjoyed it.  It also brought some snow fun!

Here are some pics from the fabulous holiday and other fun with family and friends.
Noisy Man got the bow he has been eyeing for quite a while

Birthday cake for Jesus!

decorating the tree!  (these pictures are not in order!)
A pink princess bike!!!

Opening presents with mommy's family

Watching "Brave" evidently this was during a scarey part

The boys

Noisy Man built a snow plow for his bike when we got our first snow

Making cookies with Gpa G

A picture of the grown ups, well most of us - no clue what Uncle M is doing!
Daddy's little muzzleloader deer

My lego-headed son

After the Christmas craziness, things calmed down a little bit.  January was filled with more normal activities here and there.  The girls started back up into gymnastics and mommy even got in on the action with helping teach Hollyn's class. (Six 3 and 4 year olds on gymnastics equipment is too much for one woman to handle alone.)  Kaden got to do a couple Saturday morning basketball pracitces out at school with a little 'camp' they do out there.  Mommy got in her scrapbooking weekend and surprisingly got a lot done.  (Too bad the calendar she did still hasn't gotten printed - goal for this week for sure!)  Daddy started playing basketball himself out at the school with some friends and twisted his ankle pretty badly his first time out.  It took him 2 weeks to get all the swelling out of it.  Thankfully, he is back to normal and back to the pick-up games.  Mommy got back to running after almost taking November and December completely off (I think I only ran 4 times both those months).

Here are a few pics from January.

Snow fun!

February was also fairly calm.  We actually had weekends we spent at home with nothing on the calendar and many evenings hanging out as a family as well.   Our most exciting event in February was the girls all going to the Husker women's gymnastics meet at the Devany Center in the middle of the month.  The girls thought it was a blast and can't wait to do it again. We had a fun Valentine's Day with too many sweets and our traditional pink, heart-shaped pancakes.  Mommy decided to take part in a 'fast' for Lent (I like the idea of making a 'sacrifice' to remind me of the sacrifice Christ made for us and everytime I am tempted it reminds me to pray or thank Him for that sacrifice) and give up chocolate.  So far it has been a challenge and there has been much prayer!  I love my chocolate.  We also gained a new nephew at the end of the month and can't wait to meet him.  Jeff's sister, Melissa and her husband welcomed their 4th child, their 3rd little boy on February 22nd.

A few pics from February.

Lil' Red was quite entertaining in the down time

Really loved watching all of it and had a lot of questions.  I am sure the people in
front of us were highly annoyed or amused. 

Miss Firecracker and her friend who met us there.  We had such a great time.

And that, I believe catches me up to where we are now and apparently I didn't take many pictures in January and February.  Hopefully, I won't get so far behind again!