Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring Finally Sprung

Big Surprise.  I am behind yet again.  I'll do a few separate posts to get things all caught up.  We are so glad the weather is finally turning around here.  Even though it is still a little patchy, there are signs of hope!

Since my last post, Miss Firecracker had to get reading glasses.  To be quite honest, she is a little disappointed she doesn't get to wear them as often as she would like.  I am sure the novelty will wear off eventually, but for now she likes to try and wear them whenever she wants.  Only problem is, they are reading glasses and things farther away get a little fuzzy when she is wearing them, so it doesn't really work.  Either way, she looks absolutely adorable in them!

 I finally got my birthday present in the house.  Daddy started this awesome present for me back in November, but due to the cold weather, it took a while to get it completed.  But I am loving my new, beautiful table!  Now I just need to refinish my chairs to match/coordinate and I'll be set. 

We've had a bit of wind this spring.  You'd think my kids didn't have real kites.  I inform you they each have two.  But, I give them kudos for creativity and it actually worked quite well.
rainbow yarn and a trash bag!

The AWANAs program at our church ended at the end of April.  My kids are super bummed that it is over and Miss Thumb Sucker still asks every time we head to church if she gets to go to Puggles (her class' name).  They all did so great learning their verses and it opens up a lot of doors for great faith-based conversations.  I love that this program gives them such a chance to learn about the Bible through church and at home.  And my kids have been so blessed with amazing leaders for their groups. 

Noisy Man had a number of different helpers, but Ms B ended the last
few months with him and they had such a great time together!

Anytime Ms. K's name is mentioneed, Miss Thumb Sucker gets super excited.
She sure misses seeing her every week!

Our last bits of excitement in April centered around Noisy Man.  I was able to tag along on his class field trip to the local library and to our new hospital.  The kids had a great time and I was really impressed with both presentations.  The hospital did a little mock "what would you do if you were coming in to the hospital for a tonsillectomy" and also showed them many other tests that can be done at the hospital.  It was a great way to get the kids in there to check things out so they might not be so intimidated or scared if they really had to be a patient. 

Noisy Man got hooked up to the heart monitor and ran in place to see
how his heart rate changed

Lastly, Noisy Man and daddy went turkey hunting.  Miss Firecracker even tagged along a little bit as well.  Daddy even found a youth 20 gauge shot gun for Noisy Man to try out.  He was so thrilled.  However, after shooting it the first time and getting kicked in the face by the recoil of the gun he lost a little of the thrill.  Ten minutes later, he wanted to try again, though.  Sadly, it happened again and my baby boy ended up with a bruised cheek that traveled up to his eye a little bit.  He took it like a trooper though, and, as daddy always tells him, "Chicks dig scars" and "You should see the other guy!"

See the nice, red spot?  It turned pretty colors a few days later.



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